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A toast to friendship, flavor and breaking free

Meet Jaymee and Cecilia, the power duo rocking JAS. United by a passion for breaking boundaries and a mission to shake up how we socialize, they created JAS in the wild ride that was 2020. More than just a brand, JAS is a mood — it's the bold, unconventional clique that's all about authenticity, exceptional taste, and vibes that go way beyond the typical drinking scene. Ready to uncover the story behind the sip?


How it started

From Mezcal to JAS girl

Fueled by a wave of self-awareness, Cecilia (formerly known as La Nina del Mezcal) made a bold move, stepping away from her own Mezcal venture to embrace sobriety wholeheartedly. This wasn't just a career pivot; it marked a profound shift in her relationship with alcohol, a journey toward discovering a lifestyle that screamed authenticity and choice. JAS wasn't merely born; it emerged as a rebellion, a testament to breaking free from societal norms, with Cecilia leading the charge. 🌈✨ #CeciliaChronicles #BornToBeBold

Mixing it up

Picture this: Jaymee, the dynamic exec at a leading global spirits company, known for her innovation and educational prowess. But here's the plot twist – she felt the pull towards something bigger, something alcohol-free. Envision the thrill as Cecilia and Jaymee embarked on this exhilarating journey together, blending a passion for mixology, entrepreneurship, and a shared desire to elevate social experiences. This team isn't just redefining the beverage industry, they're orchestrating a symphony of flavors in the name of choice. 🌟✌️ #JASgirls #BornToBeFree

Fueling a JAS rebellion

Throughout 2021, Jaymee (from the heart of NYC) and Cecilia (conquering the MBA game at Darden) collaborated closely to bring JAS to life. Their experiments with spices and botanical extracts were a hands-on affair, fearlessly infusing bold Latin American flavors and functional ingredients to create the first JAS MVP. Dominating pitch competitions at UVA fueled the fire, transforming JAS into more than a beverage brand: a rebellion against the status quo. Rooted in community love and audacious dreams, JAS isn't just a drink; it's an unstoppable movement. 🚀🍹 #JASRebellion #BeFreeDrinkFree

Born to be bold, born to be free

At JAS, we start with one guiding principle: our beverages must stand out for their unparalleled quality and flavor. If our creations don't dazzle taste buds, we're missing the mark. As we refine our craft, we've woven this commitment to excellence into every sip. We refuse to follow fleeting trends; instead, we craft beverages that defy convention, celebrate individuality, and capture the essence of what it means to be free. Our mantra is simple: Be Bold, Be Free. It's a celebration of authenticity, a testament to flavor, and a commitment to crafting beverages that leave an indelible mark on every palate.

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We're redefining socializing with bold Latin flavors and a commitment to joy, health, and inclusivity.

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